The habitat degradation resulting from unsustainable farming practices and deforestation, erosion and sedimentation, pollution and biological invasions constitute major threats to the integrity of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the Lake Tanganyika basin.
Considering the current state of Lake Tanganyika basin, Lake Tanganyika Authority Secretariat (LTAS) is planning to undertake activities relating to the restoration of degraded areas by planting indigenous species of trees during the financial year 2023 in collaboration with in-charge institutions or departments in the four riparian countries. It is in this context that LTAS would like to recruit a team of consultants/experts, a study office or a firm of experts to carry out a study aimed at restoring degraded areas in the Lake Tanganyika basin.

The deadline for submitting offers is November 17, 2023.

For more details on the terms of reference of this recruitment please click here.

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