Mr. Liywalii Kwibisa

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Mr. Liywalii Kwibisa is the Director of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Lake Tanganyika Authority. He serves as the chief advisor to the Executive Director regarding overall monitoring and evaluation of program and project activities at both regional and national levels. His specific responsibilities include monitoring the effectiveness and impacts of various programs and project interventions as well as monitoring the state of the lake and resources within Lake Tanganyika and its basin.

Kwibisa has wide experience in monitoring and evaluation having served as monitoring and evaluation and program management expert in various programs and projects in Zambia, supported by SIDA, EU, and the UN system among others. His recent appointment was that of Project Director for the Enhanced Smallholder Agribusiness Programme in the Ministry of Agriculture in Zambia. Kwibisa holds graduate degrees in Strategic Planning, Project management, and Biology (Ecology and Biosystematics) and has good knowledge of global, regional, and national environmental issues.