The Secretariat

Lake Tanganyika Authority

The Secretariat

The LTA Secretariat is the executive organ of the LTA managed by the Executive Director and composed of the following four directions: Administration and Finance; Fisheries; Environment and Monitoring and Evaluation. The LTA Secretariat became fully functional in January 2009 after recruitment of key staff.

For purposes of efficiency, availability of infrastructure and accessibility, the first ordinary meeting of the Conference of Ministers that was held in April 2007 resolved that the LTA Secretariat office should be based in Bujumbura, Burundi. On November 4, 2009, the LTA Secretariat Headquarters Agreement was signed with the host government of the Republic of Burundi.

The LTA Secretariat is responsible for the coordination of actions aimed at implementing the Convention and the Strategic Action Programme. It formulates the annual work plans and budgets for the Authority and prepares projects, assessments and reports. It regularly obtains and updates information relevant to the implementation of the Convention and disseminates it to the Contracting States

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