Regional Director for Environment

Ir. Jérémie NKINAHATEMBA who joined the Lake Tanganyika Authority in November 2022 as Regional Director of Environment is a graduate of the University of Burundi at the Higher Institute of Agriculture (ISA), Rural Water and Forestry Engineering specialization. He has had the privilege to participate in numerous professional pieces of training and internships namely in experimental science, Integrated Water Resources Management, (IWRM), adaptation economics, water security, climate change, resilient development, peaceful conflict resolution, water resources negotiation, as well as several pieces of training related to transboundary water and solid waste management. Ir Jérémie was also trained in water use for economic development, environmental, social impact assessment, and project management.

The key entities that benefited from the contribution of NKINAHATEMBA JEREMIE are the Ministry of Education where he has been a teacher and director of the communal high school of Kirombwe for 6 years.  Ir. Jérémie served in the Ministry of Environment where he was an advisor to the cabinet in charge of monitoring and evaluation, then director of the integrated management of water resources for 7 years and 2 years as director general of environment, water resources, and sanitation.

During the period of his mission at the Ministry of Environment, he worked with international and regional organizations such as the World Bank. ADB in the elaboration of projects, UNDP as chairman of the committee in charge of the elaboration of the National Determined Contributions (NDC), he was a member of the technical advisory committee of the Authority of the Lake Kivu and Rusizi River (ABAKIR), of the Nile Basin Initiative where he worked with the ten member countries of the NBI.

Mr. Nkinahatemba Jérémie was also the chairman of the regional management committee of the Lake Tanganyika Authority for 3 years.

With a large experience of 16 years of work with Regional International Organizations and National Entities in the countries, NKINAHATEMBA Jérémie’s performance him to move to the position of Regional Director of Environment at the Lake Tanganyika Authority Secretariat.

Ir. NKINAHATEMBA Jérémie’s mission is to work optimally so that the natural resources of the Lake Tanganyika basin are protected, conserved, managed, and used for sustainable development to answer equitably the needs of the present and future generations.