Mrs. Beatrice Nyakorema Marwa

Director of Fisheries and aquaculture

Mrs. Beatrice is the Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Lake Tanganyika Authority. She serves as the chief advisor of the Executive Director on all matters related to fisheries and aquaculture planning, development and management of Lake Tanganyika and its basin with emphasis on coordination and harmonisation of fisheries monitoring, data collection and management measures. Beatrice is an expert in Fisheries Science and Management. She is currently a Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Lake Tanganyika Authority. Ms. Beatrice has attended several post graduate courses in the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and women empowerment. The latest one being Master’s Degree in Aquatic Management and Aquaculture development from The Asian Institute of Technology.  Prior to her post with LTA she was working as the Zonal in charge of Fish Quality Control and Aquaculture in Western Tanzanian region which covers the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika and its catchment areas.

She has been involved in regional and international projects dealing with development of Fisheries sector. The projects includes; Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project sponsored by UNDP/GEF, here she supervised researches on impacts of fisheries practices to the lake biodiversity. She also worked with Lake Tanganyika Integrated project under UNDP & FAO sponsorship as a supervisor of women revolving fund for establishment of environment friendly economic generating activities. She has put much effort in promotion of gender balance as a technique of involving community in natural resource management. She worked with The Jane Goodall Institute (USAID $ EU sponsored project) as a community Development officer playing a central role of supervising scholarship fund for unprivileged girls and mobilizing rural community to participate in the natural resources conservation initiatives,

Mrs. Beatrice’s ambition is to encourage community surrounding the Lake to participate fully in measures for sustainable development of natural resources of Lake Tanganyika. She has a big passion in encouraging establishments of fish farming through ponds and cages as an alternative means for reducing poverty and fishing pressure on the lake.